Network Performance Insights
Trillions of crowdsourced network data points from millions of real users and more than 2 million cell towers across 800 carrier networks

Competitive Signal Performance

Benchmark network coverage against the top carriers in the world for several network metrics. Crowdsourced insights deliver stronger and more contextual insights than traditional drive testing.

Create a Future-Proof Network Design

Look years into the future, at a street-level and in-building granularity, for intelligent capacity planning, and to select new site locations.

Comprehensive Signal Strength & Quality Metrics

Analyze signal strength & quality based on time of day, day of week, special events, locations, and more.

Measure App Impact on Network

See which apps are consuming the most mobile data on specific carrier networks.

Pinpoint Problematic App Updates

Be alerted of app updates that consume excessive mobile data, drain device battery, and take up excessive background resources.

Prioritize Issues by Usage & Impact on Your Network

Receive daily automated alerts on the most critical app resource-consumption issues, that are having the most negative impact on the network and your users’ experiences.